Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fear of change...

 True story. 
I hate change!
  I'm usually perfectly content with my boring, everyday, routine. I like to be aware, in control and have a grip(or so I like to tell myself) on at least most things going on around me. I know there are several reasons for the way I am. Most of the reasons are due to things I didn't have control over, thus did not like or couldn't deal with the outcome.
I'm learning...slowly. Change is inevitable! It has happened, is happening and yep, it's going to happen again.
Actually, fairly sooner than I would have liked.
There are some major things going on and once again my fears are taking over. I'm praying for strength, wisdom and a peace of heart and mind so that we will get through whatever changes come. I know God has a plan and it is so much better than mine, but I'm only human and I struggle. Today I am moving as forward as I know how and praying I get answers.