Thursday, May 22, 2014

I need THIS

  This is the stuff I need!
I need to write. 
I need to be able to make an income.
I need more skills to do that.
I need to make time to focus and time to hone whatever it is I can do to make money. 
I seriously need this to work. 
I need prayers, encouragements and any and all help available! 
I need to find something, anything to make me feel like I CAN do something.
I need to feel like a contributor and not such a taker all the time! 
I need to learn not to let all the negativity make me feel like a failure.
I need to voice my opinions without fear of being labeled or criticized for them. 
I need to stop selling myself short.
I need to be more proactive with my own goals.
I need to find great networking help.
I need to care less about what others may think of me.
I need to be accepting of myself more.
I need to learn more.

I need to stop being so NEEDY!